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Assisted Mindless Meditation

By MethodAlpha

Generally we can classify meditations as Guided meditations (fully spoken meditations) and Unguided Meditations (meditations without spoken words).

Guided Meditations often leave little time for you to freely meditate at your own pace; while Unguided Meditations in most cases can distract you, as you are left entirely on your own.

Both guided and unguided meditations can use either a relaxing background music or make no use of music.

When the meditations use a background music, the mood of the music could condition your meditation or clash with your present mood. When the meditations don't make use of background music, you could get distracted by external noises and your thoughts could easily start wandering around.

Assisted Meditation is a form of partially guided meditation, that gives you short, clear and neutral spoken instructions, making use of a neutral background music based on native American drumming.

This unique form of meditation allows you to meditate on any subject of your choice, at your own pace and without losing focus. The spoken words will give you the right peace to progress through the meditation and the music will isolates you from external noises, gives you the rhythm without conditioning you into any specific mood.

The Assisted Mindless Meditation is a 30 minutes audio meditation that can be used for any form of Mindless Meditation (Mindfulness Meditation, Insight Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, etc) and for several forms of Simple Meditation (breath meditation, mantra meditation, mandala meditation, etc).

The meditation is divided into 6 parts:

Introduction: check your posture and let go of any tension

Part 1: Focus your mental awareness

Part 2: Scan your thoughts

Part 3: Remain in the "here" and "now"

Part 4: Don't judge, don't force any thought

Part 5: Incorporate your lesson in your normal life

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